Saturday, December 6, 2008

Research Paper

Protect the Bald Eagle

Do you know that United States was endangered before? The bald eagle is the nation’s symbol of the United States of America, was endangered in the past. “the bald eagle, which has been the nation’s symbol for 225 years but was on the brink of extinction more than four decades ago, is expected to be removed from the federal Endangered Species list this week” (Donnelly, 2007, para. 1). The bald eagle is a bird of prey. This bird is unique because of his thickness, strength and speed and his overall lightness of touch and intelligence. “Bald Eagles live near large bodies of open water such as lakes, marshes, seacoasts and rivers, where there are plenty of fish to eat and tall trees for nesting and roosting” (American Eagle Foundation, n.d, para 4). The bald eagle feeds on fish. Bald eagles proliferate in the beginning of the spring. With low temperature and the beginning of winter the bald eagle starts migration to the warm places. “The female lays 1 to 3 eggs annually in the springtime, which hatch after about 35 days of incubation. Hunting, egg incubation, nest watch, eaglet feeding and eaglet brooding duties are shared by both parents until the young are strong enough to fly at about 12 weeks of age. Eaglets are full size at 12 weeks of age” (American Eagle Foundation, n.d, para 6). This bird now is not extinct, but we should protect him more because he is near the extinction line. Americans have done a good job to bring this bird from extinction to wildlife. The American Bird Conservancy was quoted as saying, “The conservation of the bald eagle is a true success story and reflection of the concern Americans have for the environment” (Mueller, 2007, para. 2). The bald eagle is just only one species from many species that need to be protected from extinction. So, what helped with the bald eagle could help the other big birds that are endangered, such as falcons. Today the bald eagle lives in the wildlife without concern of extinction.

There are many ways to protect the bald eagle and the other big birds that are endangered; for example, remove all DDT, improve habitat, and generate public concern about these birds.

First, DDT has started to affect birds, especially the bald eagle, since the 1950’s. People began to use DDT more often. “Only 43 years ago just a little more than 400 eagle pairs remained in the lower 48 states” (Mueller, 2007, para. 3). The birds became extremely affected by DDT through the waterways. When the population used DDT to clear certain areas of bugs, the remaining water washed into the world’s water supply, which had a considerable effect on most wildlife. The bald eagle, being at the top of the food chain, has effectively survived on wildlife from the sea and so forth. Their advanced techniques of killing their prey had greatly affected them the most. “The pesticide washed into the waterways and entered the bodies of fish, and whenever an eagle ingested such a fish, it would weaken the composition of the bird’s egg shells” (Mueller, 2007, para. 3). Although DDT helps with the world’s food supply, there must be an alternative way of doing so. The removal of DDT as pesticide will enhance the lives of wildlife, therefore eliminating the scare of extinction among the bald eagle species. For example, the pesticides that are used not only greatly affect the physiology of a bald eagle; they also affect the unborn of this species as well. Only recently has the world realized that DDT needed to be removed from farming. “Congress banned most uses of DDT in 1972, and the eagle population began a slow recovery” (Mueller, 2007, para. 4). The use of DDT has become such a threat to the bald eagle that it was officially on the list of endangered species. The world has been more sympathetic towards the bald eagle and banned most DDT; however, that does not eliminate the entirety of the use and there is still the possibility of contaminating any type of wildlife. “In 1995, it was removed from the endangered category and placed on the less serious threatened list” (Mueller, 2007, para. 5). DDT was banned in the United States a long time ago and that helps the bald eagle. So the same decision can fit in other countries and help not only the endangered species and the other species. DDT is not only the choice that farmers have; we have many choices. With new technology we can produce new chemicals that help the farmers and do not hurt the environment. As we know there are many countries that still use DDT, but if we produce a new substance that works like DDT and is cheap, they will start to band DDT. We can try to explain to these countries who still use DDT the seriousness of using DDT and how that affect the wildlife and give them other choices they can use. In conclusion, DDT should be banned from any use in the world, because although eliminating most of its use will help the bald eagle, if it is not entirely depleted, then part of the species will be exterminated.

Although the bald eagle along with other birds, is highly monitored, there are still precautions and actions that people need to take to preserve their life and their habitat to ensure their enriched lives on our planet. One aspect that people have considered is having preservations that are dedicated to making sure birds in this type of situation are revived to the level that they once were at. “The bald eagle represents one of the greatest endangered species recovery stories in US history” (Clayton, 2007, para. 4). The world has been trying its hardest to conserve this species; however, more action needs to be taken upon this situation that has been lingering for the past century. The laws that have been put into effect have greatly reduced the hazard to the species. The order to receive the nutrients they need to survive. People are not able to retain the census of birds still surviving because we “relied solely on eyewitness observations” (Dyer, 2008, para. 6). The bald eagles we know to exist are the ones that we keep in preservations. People and wildlife supporting foundations need to enhance the natural habitats of these birds in order to release them from these artificial preservations that were made for them. These artificial preservations should only act as a temporary solution to help the birds gain strength and skills to survive in the wild. If we keep them only in zoo- like areas they will become domesticated and not know how to live on their own. We should protect the wilderness and not allow to any interference in their environment like cutting trees. We try to create an environment like the environment they use to living in. Foundations should support and renovate natural areas to ensure an enriching long-lasting survival for years to come. Not alone should people preserve habitats but we need to make a collective effort that “prohibits ‘disturbing’ the eagle” (Claytlon, 2007, para. 9). In conclusion, all efforts need to be made to support natural wildlife habitats instead of other issues. Like all wildlife, they all play a role in ensuring a healthy planet for all species, human or animals, to flourish thoroughly.

Next, contrary to what most people believe about saving the environment of the bald eagle, there are still some people that exist in the world that believe that using DDT will help humans more and it is worth the cost of so many birds’ lives. DDT is a pesticide used by many farmers and has been proven effective in the harvesting of certain food. Many people would argue that there are no harmful side effects of the use of DDT, and it is imperative that we keep using it to ensure ripe food. Some farmers would prefer to use DDT over any other pesticide because it alleviates any worry about losing profits since it is proven effective in killing pests. With the use of DDT by farmers, it helps the farmer to not lose any type of crop and keeps the work effort to a minimum. On the other hand, farmers can have other choices that can help them instead of using DDT. DDT is harmful for wildlife and causes many problems. So, we can make new chemicals do not hurt the environment. With the new technology we can produce new substances that can work like DDT and do not hurt the wildlife. DDT does not hurt only the birds, but also causes genetic problems, so the new species get hurt from this substance. If we produce another substance that is cheap and that can work like DDT farmers will not use DDT anymore. DDT is a bad substance, and we should prohibit this substance in all countries to preserve the wildlife.

People are also against helping preserve habitats and putting effort into making new environments for animals. It is assumed they would the world take nature’s course and we should not interfere with the process. People seem to believe that wildlife does not need any help with reviving itself. The natural weathering of the environment will ensure the world’s survival of the fittest; only the birds that are able to survive can do so. If we need to help animals survive, that will be all they are capable of knowing. If bald eagles need the help of humans, they will not be able to understand life without any type of help. People who believe in Darwinism would not want to play the role of God, and would not want to interfere with the process of natural selection; they would rather let nature run its course. Ultimately, people would rather not be concerned with the life of animals and focus more on the issues of its population of people. People seem to believe that there need to be a concern more with the people of this planet, rather than the other animal life that attempts to survive on it as well. What people argue there is wrong because of many reasons. First, people already interfere in the nature by producing pollutants and burning fuel. Human activities hurt the environment in many ways. For example the hole in the ozone was caused by substance called “CFC” that attacked the O3 and broke it down to O2 and O. Overpopulation also affect the environment by humans’ taking more places that was before for animals. Moreover, mining and cutting timber causes animals to lose habitats. Climate change causes animals and birds to lose habitats. Some animals start to move northward because climate change affects their habitats (Hall, 2007). So, we should stop the human activities that affect the wildlife. We made problems and we should resolve them. Nature cannot by its own process solve all the problems that we cause. Humans should work together to serve our planet.

People need to make an effort to let the issue be known that some birds need help to survive. There should be more advertisement toward helping this cause. If people do not make any action towards this issue, other animals on the food chain will be affected, therefore causing a rupture on life on this planet. People need to be advised and put forth a community effort to help out the birds that are in need, whether it would be helping a wildlife foundation, or not vandalizing the natural environment. There are small efforts that one can take to help. One should be conscious of one’s carbon foot print and watch the items one buys. People should invest in the consumption of organic items that limit the amount of toxins put into the environment that could possibly affect any species whether they are endangered or not. By doing small actions such as this, they would be ensuring a life that would be lasting to an endangered species.

Together with self consciousness, public awareness, and overall avoidance of animal-harming pesticides we stand a chance of overcoming these pressing problems. Endangered animals and birds are a vital addition to the overall eco-system and it is up to our behaviors to protect their existence. Public concern is the initial step that must be taken to act as a catalyst for long lasting change and improvement to these species’ withering habitats.


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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Online Shopping

Practice Final

The law cannot protect the foolish? Online shopping is the best way now to buy your stuff. Technology has made life easier than before. You can stay in your home and buy anything that you want. Now every company has a Website on the Internet to sell online. So that shows how online has started to be famous, and everyone buy his stuff online. Moreover, you can buy your food from the Internet without any fatigue. Just sit in your home and buy what you want while you are setting in your home. You can check your account now online and buy what you want. With Internet the life is so easy. You can find anything you want and buy it.

There are many reasons that online shopping is the best way to buy your stuff; for example, it is safe for you, it is convenient to buy things, and it saves your time.

First, buying online is safe now for you. “In fact online shopping is quite safe, as long a you follow precautions” (Bell, 2008, para. 2). You should always be cautions in money dealing because there are many hoaxers. So, if you use Internet, you should be more careful. Use your head and you will be safe. Also, buy only from a site that you know, so these sites are assured and you will have nothing to worry about. Also, banks have a system that can save your money if someone steals your credit-card number. They will return your money for you quickly. Use the right Website to buy your stuff and don’t worry about stealing.

Second, it is convenient to buy what you want online. With the new technology it is easy to buy anything online. You can buy stuff form your home while you are sitting in your home. Some stuff is difficult to find in a regular mall, so in the Internet it is easy to find it and buy it. Moreover, in the Internet you can find the stuff that you need cheaper than in the regular mall. “It has provided a method of easily finding what you’re looking for or the best price without ever leaving your home” (Bell, 2008, para. 1). Buying online is easiest and cheapest way to buy what you want.

Next, click in your computer and save your time. Buying by Internet is the best way for you to save your time and money. In place of getting in your care and going to the mall to by something, you can by Internet buy anything while you sitting in your home. You can go to many malls by Internet. It is like a big mall in your home. Buying online is saving your time and getting what you wanted at a low price (Robertson, 2006). Furthermore, you can buy some stuff that you cannot find it in your country from other countries by Internet. So, you save your time and get want you want.

In conclusion, saving your time, having convenience to buy things, and saving for you is some advantage that you can have from shopping online. Online shopping is the great deal for you to buy what you want from anywhere at a low price. Be careful while you use the internet and enjoy buying from internet.


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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Book of Memories

All the live is book of memories. We remember what happened to us in the past. Some of these memories are good and some of them are bad. We remember the good part of our live and the bad. It is good things for us to remember who you love. Memories are related to many things. For me I have memories that remind me for many people. First, usually when I think about the graduate I remember my father. When I graduated from high school my father bought to me new car. When I ask him I want to by for you gift he told me my gift is your graduate. So usually when I think about graduate I remember my father. Also, some song when I heard it I remember my cousin. There is a specific song that he likes it. Usually when I go with him in his car he play this son. So when I listened to this music I remember him. There is some words when I heard it I remember my friends his name is Ahmed. He is funny guy and he usually said if I argue with him “please don’t touch”. So when I heard these words I laugh. The bad memories for me is that some one call me in the midnight because I remember when my brother call me and told me about my uncle when he died. So I heat the midnight calls because it was a bad memories for me. Memories live with us to remember the people who we love them.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


F. E # 7
You want to spend beautiful vacation in a very nice place. You should go to Abha. Abha is the best city in my country to have a vacation. This city is in the south of Saudi Arabia. People from many countries come to spend their vacation in this city. Abha is famous for its nice weather and the natural places that it has. I like to spend my vacation in Saudi Arabia in this city. It has many mountains and very good sightseeing places. There is a famous park there called Alsouda. This park is very good for camping and barbequing. This city is a green city and the weather is very nice in the summer, so people from all the counties like to go there and people from the proximate countries. What is not good about this city is it too expensive in the summer. The prices of the hotels jump too high, because of there are a lot of people coming and it is difficult to find a room in the summer. Finally, Abha is very good city to spend your vacation and relax after a year of working.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

winter sports

As we know it is difficult to play outside in the winter, so people find indoors is the best way to keep practicing their sports. For me I like to play soccer, but now with winter I cannot do that anymore outside, so my friends and me like to play indoors. We join together in the Rec Center and play indoor soccer. It is not nice like outdoors, but still we can play our favorite sport. The problem with indoor sport is that not many people can play, because we do not have enough space. So, we divide the players into many teams to let everyone play. We play a match for ten minites and if no one wins both teams play penalties to see who is the winner to continue playing with a new team, so that is fun for us and we enjoy playing with these roles. Also, the Rec Center has a tournament for indoor soccer, so we have many teams playing in this tournament and having fun. Indoor is good in winter to us and to other people who like other sports; everyone can enjoy playing his favorite sport without worrying about the weather.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time to Relax

People need some times to have free time to themselves, specially if they have problems or stress. Free time is good to think about what you did and what you want to do in future. Free time give you wider space to think about your problem from many different area. I like some times to sit alone and think about myself what I have and what I need. In this time I do not like to talk to nay body. I like to be alone. Some times I like to drive my car and go at any direction and drive and go until I relax and be in good mood then I came back. Some time I listen to music. And some time I wrote the problem that I think about it in paper after I finished writing I burn the paper and I feel great. I need some times free time to think about myself and rethink what I did in the past and what I should to do in future. Some times when I thought in the past, I blame myself and I wish I did not do that, but what in the past is staying in the past. I take lesson from that and look to the future. This way helps me to Reevaluate myself and this what I need to improve myself.